About Heru

The falcon-headed god, the kings of Egypt associated themselves with Heru. Heru was among the most important gods of Egypt, particularly because the Pharaoh was supposed to be his earthly embodiment. Kings would eventually take the name of Heru as one of their own.  As a falcon he was a sky god and a sun god; as a divine child, he was the son of Isis and Osiris. Heru was also the god of kingship and a protector of the king. He is represented in full falcon form, as a falcon-headed man, or in full anthropomorphic form.

About Neter Clothing:

To the great and supreme power which made the earth, the heavens, the sea, the sky, men and women, animals, insects, all that is and all that shall be, the Egyptians gave the name NETER

We have always had a love for art, music and creative expression throughout the African Diaspora. We frequently describe That statement started my wheels turning immediately because I never wanted Kyla to be like everyone else, but I also had to make certain that encouraging her to be herself was an option that was more attractive and rewarding than the norm.

She selects fabrics, styles, cuts patterns to match her style and help other girl’s rock her bow ties! Her trend is taking over her school so we’re moving into the community with the hope of encouraging other girl’s to be against the grain and own their style!

Why African Diaspora Culture Themes?

In our journey to make Neter like no other brand, we began looking for unique things about each culture that we could enhance. 

Custom (pre-made)

Pre-made by us, by hand

Custom (on demand)

We make it , when you request it

3rd Party (pre-made)

Pre-made by a 3rd party provider

About Our Products

All products we provide fall within one of three categories.  We set the same quality standards from our 3rd party sources, as we do for our custom creations.

Community Care

In coordination with our partners herbOrder.com we support entrepreneurs within the African Diaspora through Kiva.org, an organization which provides loans for entrepreneurs doing amazing things. If you aren’t aware of Kiva and their purpose, please visit their website and get familiar with their mission.  There are a wide range of  entrepreneurs from across the world who are receiving funding from generous entrepreneurs and businesses, with the help of Kiva.